Mic Mac Mall – Fashioned for Life

Mic Mac Mall Brand and Back to School Campaign – Fall 2014

Mic Mac Mall has been a part of the Dartmouth community for over 30 years. From back to school shopping, to the holidays to Mondays, Mic Mac Mall is there for whatever life brings your way. But the previous branding and brand platform didn’t embody the role the mall played in the community.

The new tagline speaks to the idea that Mic Mac Mall has everything you need to fashion your life. Real life is rarely perfect, but rather than dwell on the negative, the campaign seeks to embrace the everyday moments that happen each and every day.


The brand launch was tied to the 2014 Back to School campaign which included print and out of home executions.


Fashioned for Josh and Avery


Freshman YearFirst Days


After Class


Big sisters


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